Monday, June 9, 2014

Are you fussing over the wrong things?

Marketers love to tout numbers, fiddle with strategies, show off results come up with quadrants and metrics and show upper management lots of data.

But marketing effectiveness isn't in all those good things. It's in what you do with the information you gather, how you apply it, how you put it to work to evaluate what you've done and modify what you are going to do. 

Collecting and dissecting numbers can lead to fussing over information just because the information is available. Don't do it.

If you look at a percentage of open rates in an email, look at the same percentage of open rates in the past, and put a written plan in place to test improving that open rate in the next mailing. If you look at how many people filled out a web form, compare it to the previous campaign, and decide if the form is worth testing again in the future.

Think about what you need to know to get better results. Think about the difference between marketing that preens like a child beauty contestant and real marketing that results in a return on investment.