Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking to launch? Check out LaunchBox09

LaunchBox Digital is now accepting applications -its annual summer accelerator program starts May 18, 2009. Early application deadline is Feb. 27.

If you don't know the program, here is the LaunchBox link, and here is info from the web site:

LaunchBox Digital, an early stage investment firm located in Washington, D.C., is focused on helping entrepreneurs get through those challenging early days by bringing capital, advice, and practical guidance to help early stage businesses succeed. We offer:

  • Funding and administrative support to enable founders to focus their energy on developing a great product;
  • Mentoring and advice from seasoned technology veterans who have created significant stakeholder value; and
  • Access to strategic partners, angels, VCs and the press to take your business to a whole new level
Check it out.
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