Monday, March 2, 2009

Note to Comcast - Get Real

Last week I was feuding with Comcast. My fight with their robot-like customer service is not the issue I'm writing about, however. I'm writing about the company's choice to "hide" the real people in their company.

It started when I got a form letter from Ralph Martinez, Area Vice President, informing me I needed to get a new box and that "at no additional charge" I would be able to enjoy "over 10,000 On Demand titles and new channels...(etc)"

I called and got the box (the web site would not let me do it online), then activated it via chat (the web site would not let me do it automatically), BUT I was specifically told I could NOT get On Demand. So I wanted to write and protest to Ralph Martinez. But, no phone, no email, no address.

A company in hiding. I could go to their web site, contact anonymous customer service, chat with an anonymous drone who is provided with stock answers, or write their east coast headquarters, but not contact Ralph Martinez.

I found his HOME address on the Internet, but never his business address. Eventually, several days and a cranky chat session letter, I got the correct box. No apology. No explanations. No effort to sooth an irate customer.

It rankles me when executives says the company has so many complaints that its local executives have to stay in hiding.

Telling the story to two of my neighbors (bad news makes a great "over the fence" story), both of THEM also had recent (within 2 weeks) complaints and problems with Comcast. All three of us agreed, this is why we cannot trust Comcast with our "triple play" business (internet, phone, tv).

Truth is, I LIKE my tv service. It works. But I have incredible distrust for Comcast. Get real guys.


william schooley said...

pls add to this a) to keep hi-def, you need an additional $7 per mo. for a "no additional charge" box, and b)you will lose any on-board guides, e.g. TVGuide or Guideplus, and c) you will be adding perhaps 4 "warts" that you didn't have to your elec. bill, along with four extra remotes and a bright green light in your bedroom, which can't be turned off without losing "activation". Also, it took me one on-line session, and 4 phone calls just to "activate" one d-a converter.
I have packaged up all their hardware (they sent me 2 separate sets!)and will send it back when the send me a UPS label. This is the worst "conversion" I can possibly imagine! Inexcusable incompetence and engineering!

amyrabinovitz[at] said...

William, I have multiple neighbors who agree with you...who keep saying, "all the comcast ads were running telling us 'if you have comcast you have all you need,' then told me i need these boxes and their phone help is awful."

And as for me...I've spent multiple calls and multiple online chats to get things running, and I still can't get full functionality from the comcast remotes. And the audio on the tvs with the new boxes keeps skipping.

I'm not sure it is the "worst" conversion, but it's right up there.