Thursday, September 27, 2007

Being Honored by Association of Fundraising Professionals

Steady readers will know I'm a huge believer in community service - I feel it's crucial for every business and individual to support local non-profits. Earlier posts, including one from earlier in the year, give my perspective.

Anyway, I try to practice what I preach so I volunteer with a few local groups. One of the causes nearest to my heart is a yearly fundraising commitment I make to my local YMCA - each February we raise money to provide scholarships to Y camps and programs for kids who can't afford them. I'll pitch more about that next February.

The punchline is that the Y nominated me this year to receive an award from the Silicon Valley Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and I was selected as a Distinguished Volunteer Fundraiser. There's a luncheon (where serious philanthropists and other volunteers are honored) and a little blurb in a local magazine.

The recognition is nice, but of course the work is the real honor. I know a lot of local business people are involved in causes, and would always like to hear about space in this blog is available.

Community service is a value I learned while working at the Houston Chronicle. Execs Richard J. V. Johnson, Jack Sweeney, Joycelyn Marek, and Lainie Gordon, among others at the HC, were incredible role models. As a company, the Chronicle is deeply committed to the community and it is a lesson I will always treasure.

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