Tuesday, September 25, 2007

DEMOfall07 includes innovation for small business

I'm at DEMOfall 07 - the launchpad for emerging technologies - and much to my delight there are several companies here that have products of interest to small and local businesses.

The first one isn't one of the 70 chosen companies that are here to showcase new technology - it's a reporter covering the event. But I talked with him and I think his content would be of great interest to a local or new business...a lot of it is the high tech start up kind of entrepreneurship, but not everything. His name is Gregory Galant, of Venture Voice, a podcast that features entrepreneurship. Check it out at http://www.venturevoice.com/

CashView (http://www.cashview.com/) is a solution that lets you focus on your core business by simplifying the way small businesses manage bills, invoices, payments, contracts and other important financial documents. It's simple, painless, fast, and works with Quick Books 2005 and higher. I love anything financial that doesn't make me wish I had a CPA on speed dial.

Myxer lets anyone create a mobile storefront in minutes (really, it's that simple) AND it works on any mobile phone or device. If you've been thinking about how to use mobile to keep in touch with your customers, this one is a no-brainer.

As a further foray into small business, an enterprising group of PR folks here (led by the entertaining Jo Lee of Green Machine Public Relations), put together a statement on behalf of several companies launching at DEMO that establish the ideal criteria for small business tools: affordable, easy-to-use and customizable. The companies that meet these criteria and co-signed their commitment to the criteria in their small business offerings are: BatchBlue Software's Batch Book, FastCall411, Advanta's IdeaBlob, InstaCall's Live Documents, Vello, PlanHQ, and Tungle Corp.

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Jo Lee said...

Hi Amy: Great meeting you at the show and thanks for the mention. We totally appreciate it. It's been a while since my VocalTec days, but it's great to see how far the industry has come with products like yours.

Best of luck and looking forward to touching base again soon!