Sunday, August 24, 2008

Local Media a Hit for Web Advertising

Like many local business owners, you're probably confused as to where to advertise on the get all this advice, and it all sounds like a lot of time, money, experimentation, and work.

OK, so it's true -- a lot of opportunity is out there. But here's a report that provides good data to review: Titled, "Local Online Media: From Advertising to Action"

It's the overview of a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association with Jupiter Research and released this month. And it turns out that what those online newspaper reps have been telling you is true. Here are some of the key findings:
  • Visitors to local media sites –online newspapers, TV and magazines -are more likely than visitors to other sites to take action after seeing local ads: from making purchases to visiting sites and stores
    •Local media sites attract valuable audiences who spend more money online than visitors to other local sites
    •Local newspaper and TV sites lead all others in advertising trust
    •Local content sites attract a high number of influencers –the first person others come to for local recommendations


Rick said...

The important piece of any marketing plan is to 1. come up with a plan, 2. measure your plan 3. make adjustments. Our software can track and measure the effectiveness of any type of advertising online or offline. Check us out at

amyrabinovitz[at] said...

I agree with Rick - making sure you get good information and measurement is really crucial, and definitely one of the best reasons to do web advertising. I don't know the company he represents but it looks like a good place to start.

However, don't click on the link he left, it's a bad link. I'm betting its a typo rather than spam - typing in took me to the site (you'll note Rick did a little inversion of letters).

Rick Rochon said...

Amy you are correct. I misspelled our url. Our url is and to futher clarify we capture the results generated by both online and offline advertising in one spot so our users can contrast and compare what works for them and what doesn't work.

George said...

The problem for many small businesses is that they do not budget for marketing in their business plan. But virtually every business learns that marketing has to be a significant part of your budget. i also think that there are many free advertising options but they require you to do a lot of work. - Video Yellow Pages

amyrabinovitz[at] said...

George, I agree - small businesses often are not sure what marketing is and they have unrealistic expectations of the time and money involved. Even more unrealistic expectations of what to expect by way of results. I went to, the web site you mentioned which seems like a great idea, tho very early stage.