Monday, October 13, 2008

Online Ad Design for Radio & TV Advertisers

The partnership between 2AdPro and MediaSpan was announced* today - (*Full client disclosure is due here: I worked on this announcement, but that isn't the only reason why I like this partnership.)

2AdPro and MediaSpan Enable Radio and Television Stations to Create Custom Online Display Advertising for Local Advertisers

It's good news for small business and here's why:

  1. It's a benefit to local advertisers to have as many ways as possible to get an online presence.
  2. Not every small business wants to go the route of self-service search advertising, but hiring a designer is costly.
  3. This has left a lot of small advertisers scrambling to find low-cost online display ad creations.
  4. The ability to work with the local radio or tv station (with whom many small advertisers have an existing relationship) opens up a lot of opportunities.
Anything that opens up online advertising - inexpensively and professionally - is a good thing.


Sharon Hill said...

Amy, forgive my ignorance, but please tell me more about this product. Am I right that advertisers will now be able to place their own display ad via the Web and templates? If so, I love the idea. HOWEVER...I was just on a Webinar for SNA by Mike Blinder, who was talking to our newspapers about the need to change banner ads every week. I asked about self-service products and if any papers were embracing them. Mike said he loved the idea but most advertisers wouldn't/don't bother to use them. I hate that! I'm wondering how this collaboration might change that positively. I truly think that anything that frees up an account executive or ad rep to prospect for other new advertisers is great especially when it also empowers the current advertiser.

amyrabinovitz[at] said...

Hey Sharon - the 2AdPro solution isn't a self-serve. it's an easy web interface that the ad rep uses - an IAB compliant ad is created overnight then presented to the advertiser. I like it because it lets small businesses maintain the relationship with the media rep, but the media doesn't need to keep a design staff as FTEs.

Gannett uses 2AdPro already as do some other newspapers.

My intuition tells me Mike is correct, and that most small advertisers won't take the time to do the self-design. In a post a week or two ago Greg Sterling showed some stats that seem to indicate self-service among smb will top at about 13%.