Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pay Per Call Stats

eStara recently held a webinar, Delivering Quality Leads to Platform Neutral Advertisers, which I missed. But the Praized blog printed stats from the webinar which are interesting if you follow pay-per-call as an ad medium for local businesses.

Praized credits Robyn Rose, Vice President of Marketing for (Robyn's actual title is Vice President of Internet Marketing, Idearc Media Corp.) with five case studies of pay-per-call users and the following data from a florist, satellite TV provider, locksmith, personal injury lawyer, & laser eye surgeon :

  • Average monthly spend went from $300 (locksmith) to $2500 (satellite TV)

  • Average cost per call was spread between $3.70 (laser surgery) to $35.00 (locksmith)

  • The estimated conversion rate went from 30% (lawyer) to 82% (florist)

  • Average sales were between $64 (florist) and $1992 (laser surgery)

I'm a big believer in pay-per-call as a practical way for a local business to monitor advertising and results. Right now, however, there's a lot of clutter and chatter in the field and it's hard to know what's really working for businesses. Real data such as the above is always helpful and if you see other examples, please send them to me.

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