Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Political Ads Move to the Grocery Aisles

Marketing agency Urban Tiger Marketing (UTM) signed a deal with Gigante USA, a Mexico-based supermarket chain with nine Southern California stores, that allows UTM to place political advertising on carts inside Gigante USA stores.

Roger Stewart, president of Urban Tiger, said he believes this to be the first retailer willing to accept this type of advertising, and told me that deals are in the works right now to add about 500 more stores to what he hopes will an east coast/west coast network of grocery carts ready for the upcoming presidential campaign.

According to Stewart, grocers have shied away from any type of "sticky" situations such as political ads, but "Where we are right now in the country, [it's time for] a good, honest dialogue."
The ads are open to anyone, but so far have been offered to the major presidential candidates as well as the Democratic and Republican National parties. The ad network will allow for a four month buy (copy can be changed out) in either English or Spanish. Cost is based on a per-store basis.

With blogs and videos, and an emphasis on grass-roots advertising, this seems like a guerilla marketing activity whose time has come.

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