Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dull, Boring Web Sites are - uh - Dull and Dumb

Debra Mastaler has a rocking, awesome post titled, "Dull, Boring And Cheap Means No Links For You" on Search Engine Guide.

Her point is simple -

"No matter how I spin it, when I tell someone "Dude, your site is boring and lacks credibility... No one will link to it unless you make some changes..." it doesn't go over well... It's easier when you have something tangible to point to..."

Way too many companies - and many of them tech-based start ups - pay little or no attention to creating good content on their web sites. I get it...content is time consuming and takes effort, thought, and work. And yet - I'll go one better than Debra and remind you that dull boring content says that is pretty much the way you see your business. One advantage you have as a small or local business is that you are not some nameless, faceless company -- so I say, STRUT YOUR STUFF.

If you can't do it yourself, there are always folks (a commercial for myself should go here, yes?) who are writers and will take the ongoing task of creating your copy.

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