Saturday, April 19, 2008

Of Offers and Opportunities

Just some misc notes that have been in my 'blog it sometime' stack...

Tech help -- Small businesses need help with tech stuff according to the non-profit California Small Business Education Foundation, and for sure, they are correct. So the group started a web site with info and links to free resources. The site isn't everything it should be, or needs to be, but it's new, and no community is born fully functional, so take a gander.

The 48 hour day -- It bugs me a little that when Macy's has a "One Day Sale" it's always a two day sale. The day before is thrown in as a "preview" but the full promotion is in effect, so what the heck. I'm sure their smart market-driven we-measure-everything people can show that the words "One Day Sale" provides urgency. But it always bugs me.

The fiber-filled promotion -- I like oatmeal as much as the next boomer-who-suddenly-knows-what-fiber-is, but I was surprised to find a door hanger on my mail box promoting the opening of Mustard Cafe a few blocks from me. The franchise surely knows what pulls best, and I'm sure they work with their owners, but the offer was "Join us for a complimentary bowl of hot oatmeal on Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 7-11 a.m." Aside from the fact it's spring, (not exactly oatmeal season), I wondered why restrict it to three days. My best guess is that it is meant to give the appearance of a special offer but really not provide one...sort of a way to get the attention without giving anything. My impression: Get Real!

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