Monday, October 22, 2007

PetSmart - Smart Pets, Dumb Service

Took a quick trip to PetSmart last week to pick up some cat food.

This PetSmart opened two years ago and I loved going there. Well stocked and great staff.

Earlier this year I notice customer service was slipping - Twice I was charged more than the shelf price and they argued with me that they had just forgotten to take down signs. Then last week, they were totally out of the brand I needed...the shelves were there, but no food.

The clerk said there had been a foul-up in ordering. I asked if the food I needed was at another store. They didn't know. Nope, they couldn't check that.

Then, insult to injury, they overcharged me for the food I had bought - I had picked up three cans of a substitute food and was charged for four cans. Whoops, he said.

Top it off with total frustration: They didn't have any pennies so they short changed me without even apologizing. Geesh. I expected them to round down the price so I wouldn't suffer the loss but nope.

Normally I am a crusader about such things, but I was in a rush and had to leave. No time to be a consumer-type "Don Quixote."

But to PetSmart, I say "GET REAL." This is lousy marketing.

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