Saturday, July 14, 2007

Local Marketing for Social Organizations

Eiler Communications of Ann Arbor, MI has a handy blog entry about how local organizations can get wider press coverage. Great tips for anyone who works for or with a non-profit.

Here's the example they give:

But let’s say I want to go bigger. Let’s say I have a story that I think will appeal to a larger audience (like the fact that we are trying to start a social enterprise with homeless families). Where does one begin to look when trying to get more exposure? How does one reach out to large publications? Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated!

And here's the first part of the answer. If this is at all your "thing," it is definitely worth a read of the entire article:

Obviously, national or multi-national organizations have an easier time obtaining national media coverage than smaller, local organizations. But smaller organizations can and do obtain national coverage. The trick is to tell your story in a way that shows national media you’re worth writing about.

First, it’s important to realize what journalists are looking for. The criteria for newsworthiness are timeliness, proximity, impact or relevance, prominence (is someone well-known or famous involved?), conflict and novelty. The more criteria met by your story, the better your chances of being written about. That being said, there are a few tricks of the PR trade that can help you fit within the editorial scope of your target national publications.

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